Uniq One – Hair Treatment (Green Tea) 150ml

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Uniq One – Hair Treatment (Green Tea) 150ml

All in One Treatment with 10 Real Effects (Original / Lotus / Green Tea)

– Provides you with 10 real hair benefits that will enhance & leave your hair in stunning  condition. (No Need to  buy a Conditioner)!
– Repairs dry and damaged hair with extensive shine and frizz control.
– Leaves the hair with a silky smooth texture.
– Protects hair color with UVA and UVB filters.
– Prevents split ends and will keep your hairstyle lasting longer than ever!
– Treatment that makes the hair easily brushable and adds volume.
– The Unique one designed to facilitate the daily work in the salon

1  Adds Shine and Controls Frizz
2 Repairs Dry & Damaged Hair
3  Heat Protection from Irons and Blow Dryers    
4  Makes your Hair Silky and Smooth
5  Protects your Hair Colour/With UV & UVB Filters
6  Makes brushing & Ironing your Hair Easier
7  Incredible Detangling
8  Helps your Styles Last Longer
9  Prevents Split Ends
10  Adds Body to your Hair


On wet hair:
1. Spray from a distance of about 20 cm from hair
2. Detangle hair with a comb
3. Finish with the usual style: blow dry, straighten, or air-dry
4. Use the usual finishing product

Sprays according to hair length:
Long: 10-15 Medium: 7-12 Short: 6-8

On dry hair:
1. Spray onto the palm of the hand
2. Rub product between the hands and apply to hair from middle to ends
3. If necessary, refresh style with straightener or drier.
4. Use the usual finishing product

Sprays according to hair length:
Long: 4-6 Medium: 3-5 Short: 2-3

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